Infusion Therapy

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Saratoga Hospital provides infusion therapy services for adults with various medical conditions at our relaxing, convenient setting in Malta.

Infusion therapy is the delivery of medications intravenously. As the treatment can take time, our Saratoga Hospital Outpatient Infusion Center provides a setting dedicated to our patients’ comfort. There are four treatment bays with large windows for natural light, flat-screen TVs, cable and Wi-Fi services, all in a relaxing atmosphere. Patients have access to expert nursing, pharmacists, and on-site medical staff. The setting is similar for Saratoga Hospital inpatients in our newly renovated, private infusion bays, with the addition of space for the patient's support person.

Saratoga Hospital offers our patients an outstanding, credentialed team of infusion therapy staff, skilled in treating a wide array of conditions including, but not limited to, multiple sclerosis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, neurological disorders, chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP), myasthenia gravis, autoimmune encephalitis, electrolyte imbalances, iron deficiency, and gestational hyperemesis.

Our friendly, professional nursing and pharmaceutical staff is committed to providing personalized, compassionate care while working closely with a patient’s specialist and other resources as needed. The team offers a quick turnaround time and takes care of prior authorizations right on the premises. Treatment orders are taken from all over the country from physicians credentialed in their specialty. 


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Saratoga Hospital Outpatient Infusion Center
6 Medical Park Drive, Malta, NY 12020
Phone: 518-886-5406


Saratoga Hospital Outpatient Infusion Center

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Our experienced team provides education and first dose administration for patients whose treatment requires self-injections, such as for patients receiving immunosuppressive or anti-inflammatory medications

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For hospital inpatients, our skilled infusion therapy team provides blood transfusions and intravenous (IV) fluids and medications in a comfortable setting with eight private infusion bays, each with a television, natural lighting, and space for a support person to stay with the patient.

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Our facility provides intravenous (IV) and injectable medications for patients with autoimmune disorders and other chronic conditions, such as multiple sclerosis (MS), Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple neurological disorders.

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These treatments may introduce vital nutrients and minerals directly into the body. Among others, we provide B12 injections, iron infusions, and electrolyte replacement, such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

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