Nurse Residency Program

The Saratoga Hospital RN Residency Program is designed to meet the learning needs of:

  1. Graduate nurses
  2. Recent RN graduates
  3. Newly licensed RNs hired at Saratoga Hospital

by delivering a program which is inclusive of organizational enculturation, leadership development, practice–based learning, 

designed and developed with defined measurable quality outcomes.

Areas of Residency

  • Medical/Surgical Units
  • Intensive Care Unit 
  • Emergency Department
  • Labor and Delivery 
  • Mental Health Unit
  • Ambulatory Practices


Must be a Graduate Nurse (GN), or Registered Nurse (RN) with less than 12 months of experience as an RN.

RN Residency Program Cohort Structure

As a RN Resident, you will be assigned to a Cohort and attend 6 months of monthly educational sessions with your cohort team members. The program is designed to ease your transition from a novice to competent nurse. The program builds upon your academic program. Teaching methodologies include didactic learning, simulation, and fun team activities applicable to Nursing Practice at Saratoga Hospital. Coordination with specialty practice setting onboarding is maintained.

Clinical Coordination 

Clinical progress is monitored with consistent objective feedback and clinical evaluation. Coordination is maintained between the Department of Clinical Education, the RN Residency Program Coordinator, and unit- based preceptors

For further information, please contact: