The Albany Med Health System

No one knows this place we call home better than we do. 

2013 - Albany Med and Saratoga Hospital join to create Malta Med Emergent Care.

2016 - Albany Med and Columbia Memorial Health finalize their affiliation agreement
as a new kind of strategic alliance to enhance clinical services while preserving
local governance of both institutions.

2017 - Albany Med and Saratoga Hospital finalize their affiliation agreement.

2020 - Albany Med, Columbia Memorial Health and Saratoga Hospital introduce
the Albany Med Health System.

2020 - Glens Falls Hospital and Albany Med receive approval from New York state to finalize a fourth affiliation to further expand the System.

2022 - Visiting Nurses Association (VNA) of Albany becomes a member of the System, enhancing continuity of care from our hospitals to the homes of our patients.

The Albany Med Health System has 1,520 beds, 800 physicians and 125 modern and convenient locations serving nearly three million people in the greater Capital Region, Mid-Hudson Valley, the North Country and western New England. Each partner carries proud traditions of serving their communities for over a century, and building a strong, diverse system that will sustain those traditions for generations to come.

The Best of Both Worlds
Patients of the Albany Med Health System have the best of both worlds: community-based care from providers they know and trust, plus easy access to highly specialized services via the regions' only academic health sciences center, right here close to home. 

Lasting Benefits
In today's health care environment, it simply doesn't make sense - medically or economically - for hospitals to go it alone. The partners in the System draw on each other's expertise to benefit everyone involved: our patients, employees, communities and region as a whole. 

Identify and implement best practices
As part of a larger system:

  • Each partner can more easily recruit and retain talented providers and other staff.
  • We're able to better identify and implement best practices that lead to one level of quality care across the system.
  • We can streamline and standardize systems to hold the line on costs and improve coordination of care.

Already, working as a team, we've identified and capitalized on millions of dollars worth of savings across the system. Every dollar we save through efficiencies is another dollar we can reinvest in services, technology, facilities and talent.

How we work together
Collaboration starts at the top and extends throughout the System. Leaders from each institution in the System work regularly together to share expertise and insight. All partners are represented on each Board as well. Staff members from key areas - such as clinical care, information technology and supply chain - meet regularly to identify opportunities to work together for the good of the System. 

Always, we are driven by our common commitment to our patients and the region we serve.

To learn more, please visit the Albany Med Health System website.