Trust in Principled Performance

Trust in Principled Performance
the Compliance Program for Albany Med and its affiliates

To fulfill its mission as an academic health sciences system that provides excellence in medical education, biomedical research, and patient care, Albany Med and its affiliates must operate such that people who rely on the System can trust in its principled performance. Whether education, research, or patient care; the System serves people who must rely on the competence and integrity of System to act in their best interests. The goal of this Program is to enhance their trust in our principled performance.

Principles – The ability to act consistently and collectively in ways deserving of trust requires a comprehensive plan to articulate our principles, our practices and our prohibitions. Our ability to maintain a written plan of policies and procedures that integrates the expectations of both community and constituents, while ensuring effective delivery of our mission is the cornerstone of all our efforts. This requires we constantly reevaluate the adequacy of this plan to remain responsive to changing circumstances and risks confronting the System.

Performance - While a comprehensive plan is required to define our principles, in the final analysis our actions are what define our mission. To embody these principles in our actions requires a plan that is useful and understood, requires education that enhances comprehension and awareness, and requires systems that ensure our actions are consistent with our principles.

Trust – Increasing awareness, understanding and support for a comprehensive plan that effectively anticipates events and risks confronting the System will promote, but not attain, trust in the excellence of our performance. No plan anticipates every circumstance, leaving certain that some events will fall outside the written plan and some risks will arise unexpectedly. For these reasons, developing a culture willing to confront these limitations and individuals willing to embrace the multi-faceted responsibilities of their role with the System is essential if trust in our principled performance is the goal.

No program can ensure perfect performance. However, an effective compliance program can ensure we measure our actions against our aspirations – rigorously, methodically and with the purpose to be better tomorrow than we are capable of

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