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    Jan 17
    Lucy Mercado-Freund, LPN

    Lucy Mercado FreundLucy Mercado-Freund, LPN, is a nurse at Saratoga Community Health Center. She plans and manages the care of her patients, interviewing and recording their medical history, obtaining vital signs, and escorting them to their rooms. She joined Saratoga Hospital in June 2006 has acquired more than 20 years of nursing experience. 

    Lucy decided to become a nurse around the time her father passed away. She felt she had lost the greatest man she ever knew. During that difficult time, she was given such comfort and compassion from his nurses that she chose, years later, to follow their example. 

    “Every day, you meet patients and have no idea what they are facing, but you listen and help them through it,” Lucy says. “Working for Saratoga Hospital has given me the opportunity to work at the Backstretch Clinic at Saratoga Race Course. I have met people from around the world who have faced difficult times and come through them. Their stories are full of sorrow but also so much gratitude. Whether at the clinic, the hospital or at Saratoga Community Health Center, there is no judgment, regardless of race, color, or religion. Everyone is accepted for who they are and wherever they happen to be in their lives.”

    In her spare time, Lucy likes going on long walks and just enjoying nature. She especially enjoys watching old movies and “hanging out” with the people she loves.

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