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    Apr 13
    Kyle Richards, Patient Care Coordinator

    Kyle RichardsKyle Richards is one of our dedicated Patient Care Coordinators at Saratoga Hospital Medical Group Urgent Care – Wilton. As a medical technician, he assists nurses and providers by obtaining vital signs, performing electrocardiograms (EKGs), obtaining specimens from patients, and administering COVID-19 tests.

    Kyle joined Saratoga Hospital in November 2019, just a few months before the first cases of the pandemic arrived here.

    “My first year has been an adventure, a sometimes heartbreaking one, to say the least,” Kyle says. “When COVID-19 is finally in control, I’ll be able to hold my head up high knowing I was serving right here in the thick of it. I am proud to have the opportunity to help people now, when they need it most.”

    Kyle says he chose this line of work because he has found that it is in his nature to remain calm in more chaotic situations. He feels he has done his best work in the middle of the proverbial hurricane. He wanted to work in a field where that ability would be most useful.

    Kyle feels the bonds he has built during this past year with his coworkers and patients are particularly special to him, and he is looking forward to the years ahead in his career.

    When not working, Kyle loves video games and especially enjoys “game night” with his friends. He’s also an avid movie fan.

    Kyle Richards is one of many compassionate, skilled professionals here at Saratoga Hospital.Learn more about our staff here.

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